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Alan's hands went to Escorts in Wood Green thighs, feeling her heat and moist skin on her thick thighs, Wood Green Escort reached underneath and took a firm grip of his sticky cock "Much more fun than my vibrator," she whispered into his ear as she eased herself down on his cock. Alan buried his face into Escorts in Wood Green cleavage, his tongue running across her warm skin his lips kissing at her two mounds of heavy flesh and his teeth finding Escorts in Wood Green nipples inviting and pliant. Alan met Wood Green Escort's thrusts, lifting his bum from the back car seat driving his cock as deep as he could into her, her inner walls gripped his cock as she sped up.
Wood Green Escort's hands closed around Alan's head and pulled him firmly onto Escorts in Wood Green tits, "Fuck me daddy," she exclaimed in a shuddery voice, Alan was alarmed and turned on at the same time as she repeated the mantra over and over. Suddenly Wood Green Escort stopped moving, she gasped and panted and ground down on him, their pubic bones grinding together and Wood Green Escort's inner walls rippling as her orgasm erupted. Her sex seemed to inflate around his cock,her juices flowing freely and he felt his balls becoming wet as she let herself go.
After a moment Wood Green Escort climbed off much to Alan's disappointment he was so close to his own orgasm and had lustily hoped he would be filling this young, curvy girl with his cum but it seemed not to be. Wood Green Escort's cheeks and chest flushed red, bit Escorts in Wood Green lower lip and pushed her thick rim glasses up her nose and looked at Alan guiltily "Sorry about that whole...dad...thing," she looked as if Alan was, at any moment going to kick her out of the car and call Escorts in Wood Green a freak.
Alan was too lust filled to care, his mind had reeled when she had begged "dad" to fuck her but he also found it an incredible turn on, he had no children of his own so he had no real reason to feel uncomfortable. He reached up with one hand and stroked one flushed cheek on Wood Green Escort's face then let his hand slip behind Escorts in Wood Green head, his fingers sliding through her red hair and finding the back of her skull then said, "Daddy's not finished yet," before guiding Escorts in Wood Green head down to his eager, sticky cock.
Wood Green Escort opened her mouth to say something but Alan lifted his hips as she got in close, he felt her take a deep breath just before his cock-head pushed past Escorts in Wood Green full lips and entered her mouth. Wood Green Escort sputtered and coughed around his length before Alan relaxed his hold on her head and allowed Wood Green Escort to find her own rhythm. 
His fingers dug into Escorts in Wood Green red hair as her mouth worked as much of his length as it could while one hand gripped the rest. "Daddy's going to cum!" Alan said through gritted teeth, Wood Green Escort made no move to pull back, in fact her lips clamped tighter around his length and sucked him harder until Alan let out his own long moan and lifted his hips as his balls tightened and his cock spasmed unleashing his first heavy load into Wood Green Escort's mouth.